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Arcwave Ion

"Ion - Hit the right nerve - Arcwave Ion is the world‘s first stroker to integrate Pleasure Air for the male body. The result is electrifying, body-shaking experience at the touch of a button. Ion will tease, suck and stimulate the Pacinian pleasure receptors to bring the orgasm to a whole new level. Featuring Pleasure Air - Experience a powerful new type of stimulation based entirely on pulsating airwaves. As the first product specifically designed to target the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum, Ion promises some of your most intense orgasms yet. These re-ceptors are highly sensitive and respond well to acceleration and deceleration. Pleasure Air opti-mally stimulates these receptors for a new orgasm experience. Featuring Smart Silence - It‘s only on when you want it on. Stimulation starts and stops automatically as Ion senses skin contact with the Pleasure Air sensor. Never worry about any unwanted noise again, as Smart Silence will turn off your product as soon as there is no skin contact. Ion presents intuitive smart technology perfect for anyone."

ION Charging Cable

"Micro-USB Charging Cable - Mini-USB replacement cable for the Ion Storage Base. Keep Ion’s storage base connected and ready for charging Ion after use. Charged Up: Keeping the storage base plugged in and available to charge means Ion is ready anytime that you are."

ION DryTech Pack 3pcs

"Ion DryTech Packs x3 - DryTech stick for the Arcwave Ion Storage Base. One DryTech pack included in the scope of delivery. The DryTech Packs by Arcwave belong in the DryTech stick of the Storage base to help speed up the drying process. The DryTech Packs are reusable and can easily be dried in a microwave. Reusable: DryTech Packs are reusable. When a DryTech Pack has absorbed enough moisture, it can be dried again for repeated use."

ION DryTech Pack+Stick

"Ion DryTech Stick and Pack - DryTech stick for the Arcwave Ion Storage Base. One DryTech pack included in the scope of delivery. Replacement DryTech Stick and DryTech Pack for use inside of the Ion storage base. The DryTech Stick is important for wicking away moisture after Ion is washed. Moisture Wicking: Silica in the DryTech pack helps to quickly remove moisture from inside of Ion’s CleanTech silicone sleeve after washing, keeping Ion in mint condition."